Crew Management

As experienced ship owners and operators, we know what it takes to find and motivate a good crew to run a good ship. Our management tasks begin with careful recruitment and selection of a crew, based on our customer’s guidance and our own expertise. We record all personal details and check all certificates.

We take responsibility for payroll administration, staffing levels, medical issues, and substitution arrangements. We transport crews to and from their vessels and take care to be responsive to them. The crews under our management have positive and productive work relations because we make this a priority.

We believe that investing wisely in a professional crew pays dividends at the end of the year, when the vessel reports positive financial results.

Crew Management cover:

  • Crew personal information
  • Crew certificates
  • Crew payrolls
  • Crew substitution schedule

Ship Operation

  • Voyage Estimation and Analysis
  • Job-Vessel Matching Tool
  • Profit & Loss Statements
  • Breakdown Analysis
  • Reference Condition
  • Consumption
  • Demurrage/Dispatch Calculation
  • Parcel Cargo List Contribution
  • Advanced Sea/Port Statistics
  • Port Disbursements Analysis

Our Teams

Our employees are our greatest value. We provide the safest working environment and maintain full compliance with the current Training, Certification, and watchkeeping standards. As a result, our qualified, experienced teams can provide state-of-the-art services while maintaining a reassuring personal touch.
Our People are highly skilled, competent, and responsive to changing work priorities and practices. They are open and transparent in their decision-making and are accountable for their actions, enthusiastic about learning, and actively involved in pursuits that build personal and professional development.

Ship Operation and Technical management

As a leading player in the shipping industry, Interglobal Shipping 3001 continually looks for better ways to support the Ship Manager score business. We offer four Information Technology software packages, each focused on different aspects of managing ships efficiently.
For Bulk carriers, we provide a comprehensive technical management service that includes Supplying all factors needed for vessel operation - spares, provisions, and consumables.
Regularly scheduling and monitoring dry-dock operations.
Preparation and implementing regular preventative maintenance programs Co-ordinating and monitoring vessel classification inspections Obtaining compulsory certificates and undertaking flag registration Writing safety manuals and associated operational procedures

Technical Management

  • Budget control
  • Maintenance planning
  • Docking/Repairs planning
  • Job-status reporting
  • Class survey status
  • Spares usage and inventory
  • Recommendation follow-up


Interglobal Shipping 3001provides key support for marine insurance purposes
The international network of surveyors is on call to protect shippers, receivers, and ship owners.