We manage and operate cargo vessels in the 3000-10000 DWT, employing over 100 seafaring personnel and supporting them with 15 shore-based staff. This hands-on experience is invaluable in determining the standards that we set for ourselves and others.

All our management systems follow internationally recognized Quality, Environmental, Safety, and Health standards as specified by ISO 9001 and the ISM Code. We spare no effort when it comes to onboard safety and environmental protection.

Every ship under our management is independently audited annually to inspect all equipment, plus safety and operational procedures. These inspections are reinforced by continuous internal audits to confirm, Quality Assurance is a firm practice and not just a noble intention.

Our ship management activities cover:

  • Crew management
  • Insurance matters
  • Brokerage for sale and purchase of ships
  • Management of Purchasing, Cost Control and Accounting of Spare Parts Supply of Provisions, Stores and Consumables
  • Marketing, chartering, operations, technical supervision of the dry-cargo and container fleets
  • Ship repairs and dry docking arrangements
  • Bunker systems
  • General and pre-purchase inspections
  • Classification work
  • Financial administration and accounting/ Budgeting and Payments module
  • Certification procedures and consultancy
  • Accounting Management, Budgeting module, Payments module