Interglobal Shipping 3001 Ltd is one of the major players in the Adriatic and Black sea chartering market. We provide liner service and professional brokerage in the project, bulk, and general cargo sectors. Our trustworthy connections with large ship owners enable us to offer our principals a wide fleet and arrange chartering under desirable terms.

We take care of Inland logistics support to any destination for any cargo, we have unmatched expertise in customs clearance in Israel and abroad and dealing with major projects involving special equipment.
Our transportation services and engineering & support solutions are strong, sustainable, and enable customers to succeed.

Our services are enhanced by those of our sister company Interglobal Cargo, one of the leading logistics companies in Israel.

Interglobal Shipping 3001 has a worldwide reputation for our expertise in transporting and delivering many different kinds of difficult and non-standard cargos. Such cargos include:

  • Explosives and other ordnance
  • Dangerous materials, including IMO 1.1-type cargos
  • Heavy-lift cargo
  • Cargos of unusual size
  • Perishable cargos needing reefer transportation and storage
    in Europe and Israel

We provide high-quality, safe, reliable, cost-effective services and solutions based on traditional values and a proven track record.
Interglobal Shipping 3001 has built a strong reputation among customers who entrust us to handle many different kinds of cargo.