We offer our chartering service general cargo and parcel service worldwide, including the Eastern Mediterranean region, South Asia, United States, Adriatic, and the Black Sea, on a frequent basis for any type and size of the shipment.

Our Chartering Team has a broad knowledge of the Industry. In-depth knowledge, along with our fleet of modern, well-maintained vessels and an agile management structure, ensures our Clients always receive the best result.

We further have extensive experience in the Charter and Commercial Management of third-party vessels and offer our services to Shipowners and Operators.

An example of our weekly liner service between Israeli and North Adriatic ports:

  • Italy: Ravenna, Porto Nogaro, Chioggia, Trieste, Porto Margeira
  • Croatia: Rijeka, Pula
  • Turkey: Mersin, Iskenderun, Antalia, Izmir, Bandirma, Istanbul

Frequent parcel service to/from the Black Sea and Azov Sea:

  • Ukraine: Odesa, Ilyichevsk, Mariupol, etc.
  • Russia: Novorossiysk, Rostov, Taganrog
  • Georgia: Poti
  • Romania: Constanta