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Interglobal Shipping 3001 Ltd is the foremost maritime shipping company in the Eastern Mediterranean founded in 1947 in the USA as a private company by the Grossman family and extended its operations to Israel in the late 1980s. Since then, Interglobal Shipping 3001 has played a leading role in international shipping. Ship-owners and principals, in particular, benefit from the speed and economy of having a range of freight and logistic services available.

Interglobal shipping 3001 carries a wide variety of cargoes. We carry platform supply, emergency response and rescue, anchor handling tug supply, crew transfer, and subsea support, and much more.

Versatility in our services is they can be built for just about any type of project.

The mutuality between shipping and logistics is a key part of our identity.


Our logistic and maritime services handle a broad range of special and conventional cargo. We have access to a large variety of vessels to have maximum flexibility in their shipping plans. We are involved at all stages of the shipping process trucking, warehousing, loading, port services, unloading, and distribution at the final destination.

Interglobal Shipping 3001 is known for the quality and depth of its ship-owner services. Many ship-owners entrust the management of their vessels to our care, knowing that we will handle matters with authority, professionalism, and efficiency. Our work for them involves dealing with all workforce aspects. This includes getting crews to and from vessels, staffing requirements, personnel recruitment, and the selection and pay administration. We can also undertake fleet management tasks.

We offer a broad range of additional services through our partner Interglobal Cargo, one of the leading forwarders in Israel.


Interglobal Shipping 3001 Ltd is one of the major players in the chartering market in the Adriatic and Black sea. We provide liner service and professional brokerage in the project, bulk, and general cargo sectors. Our trustworthy connections with large ship owners enable us to offer our principals a wide fleet and arrange chartering under desirable terms.

We’ll help you resolve your shipping and logistic needs quickly and easily, getting you back to more important things.

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